Axel Valerian is a 1996 born french & romanian designer, degreed from college in 2020 after 5 years studying graphic design & art at the Ecole de Communication Visuelle of Bordeaux. After spending years doing graffiti, he thought about doing something more solid with his life, and graphic design was the good option. In 2019 for his 4th year internship, Jessica Walsh offered him to work at Sagmeister&Walsh NYC, (which became &Walsh) as a remote designer. This experience was for Axel the most rewarding practice so far. He acquired a lot of competences and increased his work rigor. 

He also worked in the past years with Bogdan Ceausescu, as an art director assistant (2018), at McCann Bucharest as a graphic design intern (2017) and Webedia Paris (2016).

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